12min build up load for an RM2 Strict Press

AMRAP in 20min of:
12 DB Hang Squat Cleans (#22.5/15,x1)
30 Double Unders
12 Pushups
30 Double Unders
*add 2reps to the cleans and pushups every round

Skill- Lache & Bar Swings

Strength- 16 Min Emom:
Min 1- 4/4 Negative Step Up
Min 2- Max Ring/Bar Dips
Min 3- 10 GHD Sit Up
Min 4- 15 Shoulder Raises

In teams of 2:
AMRAP in 35min:
100 Push Ups (split as needed)
800m Run (together)
100 Burpees (split as needed)
800m Run (together)
200 Air Squats (split as needed)
800m Run (together)