Overhead Squat

3 Rounds for time:
200m Farmer carry (#22.5/15, x2)
15 DB Push-Press (#22.5/15, x2)
20 Pistols

In teams of 3:
5000m Row
4000m Run
300 Double Unders
200 Situps
100 Burpees

A. Gymnastics strengthning:
E2MOM for 4 sets each (24min)
1: 3-7 Strict C2B pullups with 2sec pause against bar
2: 10-20m Handstand walk
3: 3-5 Skin the cat

B. Death by:
Over Head Squats (#52/34kg)
Lateral Burpees
*On minute 1 do 1 OHS + 1 Burpee, on minute 2 do 2 OHS + 2 Burpees, etc until failure to complete given reps in a minute
(10min time-cap)

C. 400m Sandbag bearhug walk. Go slow and heavy and try to go with as little drops as possible.